TN City Nabs Police Officers Via Unmarked Speed-Check Van


The city of Millington, Tn., is putting the brakes on lead-footed motorists, says the Memphis Commercial Appeal. Since August, an unmarked police van with radar technology has nabbed about 3,000 drivers for speeding, including police officers. In turn, a sheriff’s deputy has slapped the police van with a ticket for speeding and driving without proof of insurance. The van is staffed by two retired officers and a reserve police officer.

Millington Mayor Richard Hodges has been clocked for speeding and ticketed. An unmarked Ford Escape SUV, the vehicle works like a roaming traffic camera, traveling to several locations each day. “You don’t realize what it is until you’re right up on it,” said Rhonda O’Dell, who has several friends who were caught speeding. Those speeding through Millington might not realize they’ve been caught until they receive a $50 ticket in the mail. It’s treated as a nonmoving violation and does not go on a driver’s permanent record. “I didn’t want Millington to be known as a speed trap,” Hodges said.

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