CA Cities Vote To Tax Pot Even As Legalization Fails


Across California Tuesday, residents voted overwhelmingly to tax and regulate marijuana, says the Sacramento Bee. Even as Californians rejected Proposition 19 to legalize marijuana, voters in at least nine cities passed more than a dozen measures authorizing taxes on local marijuana establishments. Several measures, such as Long Beach’s approval of a 15 percent tax on recreational marijuana businesses, won’t take effect due to the defeat of Proposition 19.

One local proposition – Rancho Cordova’s vote to impose heavy taxes on personal marijuana cultivation – is inspiring threats of lawsuits from medical marijuana activists.Many other local marijuana taxes will stand. In Sacramento, more than 70 percent of voters approved a measure to permit the City Council to levy taxes of up to four percent on medical marijuana dispensaries in the capital. In Rancho Cordova, where the City Council has disallowed medical marijuana dispensaries, 67 percent of voters approved a measure to impose 12 to 15 percent taxes should any pot outlets open in the future.

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