Brady Group: NRA Endorsements Didn’t Prevent Democratic Losses


Although Tuesday’s Republican victories in Congress and state houses strengthened the National Rifle Association’s political hand generally, the Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence says that 27 Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives who were endorsed by the NRA were defeated, while only two incumbent Democratic House members who co-sponsored a major gun control bill this session lost their re-election bids.

Of the 49 Democratic incumbents who lost, 29 (59 percent) had an A rating from the NRA, says the Brady Campaign. and 25 (51 percent) received financial support from the NRA. The gun-control group said that two of the 101 Democratic House incumbents who co-sponsored legislation to close the gun show loophole lost. Brady president Paul Helmke argued that “appeasing the gun lobby had little political benefit.”

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