South Dakota Defeats Medical Pot For Second Time


South Dakota is the only state in history to say no to medical marijuana – twice, says the University of South Dakota student newspaper Volante. The ballot initiative failed in yesterday’s election with more than 60 percent of voters opposing it. Initiated Measure 13 would have allowed South Dakota doctors to recommend marijuana to their patients for illnesses such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, or any other illness where the doctor finds marijuana could be helpful.

Vermillion Police Chief Art Mabry said he was glad to see the measure fail because it would have been nearly impossible for the Department of Health to regulate the growth and shipment of marijuana to medical patients, and the burden of enforcement would fall on police officials, which would strain already stretched budgets. “Given the small margin of failure last time, it is surprising to me to see the measure fail again,” Mabry said. “South Dakota is the only state to not pass a medical marijuana law on the first attempt, so by not passing it on the second attempt, it sends a strong message about the morals of South Dakota voters.”

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