L.A. Jury Gives Officer $4 Million In Labor-Retaliation Case


A Los Angeles County jury yesterday awarded a former Los Angeles police officer nearly $4 million in a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Police Department, says the Los Angeles Times. The jury concluded that the officer was fired in retaliation for testifying against the department in a labor dispute.

The verdict, which stems from one of several similar cases that thousands of disgruntled officers are pursuing against the department, underscores a long-running, internal rift between cops and the department’s command staff that could ultimately cost the city millions of dollars more. In 2008, Richard Romney was an 18-year Los Angeles police veteran, having spent his career as a rank-and-file patrol cop. That month, he testified in a federal lawsuit that another officer had brought against the department. In that case, the officer accused the department of skirting the Fair Labor Standards Act, a federal law that, in part, sets rules on when officers must be compensated for overtime work.

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