How A Routine Federal Meth Case Leads To Prison


How does a routine drug case play out in federal court? St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Bill McClellan tells one story. Christopher and Laurie Allen, parents of three, were sentenced last week in a plea bargained meth case. McClellan portrays them as meth users, not big traffickers.

If Christopher Allen were to go to trial, he’d be facing a possible sentence of 20 years. He is 43 years old. But if he agreed to plead guilty, he’d be looking at less than 10 years. Depending on a presentence report, he’d face a range of 70 to 108 months. Laurie Allen pleaded guilty,too, and will get five to eight years. Her attorney said the case belonged in a drug court, where the defendants likely would get probation and a chance at rehabilitation.

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