GA County Posts Same Photo With Hundreds Of Arrestees


The sheriff of DeKalb County, Ga., says a computer glitch caused the county to inadvertently post a man's photo with hundreds of other people's arrest records, says the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The newspaper learned the same man's photograph is posted on most inmate records for anyone booked in the jail prior to 2000. It's unclear who the man is or when he was booked in the jail.

Sheriff Thomas Brown said he started the jail's website when he took office in 2001. His department did not scan in any booking photographs prior to his election, and somehow the same man's photo got posted online instead. The unknown man's photo appears on the jail's website for hundreds of arrests — including a man named Thomas Brown who was charged with DUI in 1990 and a woman named Daisy Brown charged with disorderly conduct in 1986. The Journal-Constitution discovered the mistake while searching for inmate photos. Sheriff Thomas Brown ordered his information technology staff to research the problem; he suspects the mysterious man was the first person booked in the jail when the department started the website.

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