CT Town Leery As State Prepares Sex Offender Facility There


Citizens of Montville, Conn., say they are nervous as the state prepares to open its first halfway house specifically for sex offenders in January on the grounds of the Corrigan-Radgowski Correctional Center there, reports the Hartford Courant. “It’s not just treatment; it’s keeping an eye on them,” said state Rep. Mike Lawlor, judiciary committee leader and a former state prosecutor. “It’s a way you can avoid just giving the guy a pair of jeans and a bus ticket and saying, ‘Good luck.'”

The Montville town council recently passed an ordinance prohibiting sex offenders from stepping foot on any town-owned or -leased land, including parks, playgrounds, sports fields and public school grounds. The new ordinance and the soon-to-open treatment facility have made this small town in eastern Connecticut a testing ground for the competing goals of red-zoning sex felons and reintegrating them into society.

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