Massachusetts Set To Roll Out New Domestic Violence Protocols


Massachusetts law enforcers and anti-domestic violence advocates are putting the final touches on standardized guidelines designed to aid cops in a crackdown on batterers – while warning that decreased funding could mean the erosion of hard-earned gains, reports the Boston Herald. The guidelines were developed with a $1.1 million, three-year grant. Last week, the Executive Office of Public Safety and the advocates held seminars for senior police officials to train them in the new standards and plan best practices for new initiatives.

The new guidelines call for officers to make arrest and prosecution the “preferred” way to address domestic violence and sexual assault cases; to base the decision to arrest on evidence of a crime–not a victim's desire to testify or prosecute; to respond to domestic violence calls, even if a follow-up request is made to cancel, and to obtain statements from everyone at the scene or anyone who might have knowledge of the assault.

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