5 NYC Officers Charged In Crime-Statistics Manipulation


A New York City police commander and four officers are facing internal charges based on a fellow officer's allegations that crime complaints in Brooklyn’s 81st Precinct were manipulated, reports the New York Times. Deputy Inspector Steven Mauriello, who was transferred to the Bronx during the inquiry, has been charged with failing to record a grand larceny complaint and with impeding the department's investigation. Two sergeants and two patrol officers face internal disciplinary charges involving the apparent failure to file a robbery complaint.

The charges, first reported by Associated Press, stem from the department's inquiry into allegations by Adrian Schoolcraft, a patrol officer who reported suspicions of rampant manipulation of crime statistics in the 81st Precinct in 2008 and 2009. Mauriello denies the charges. An administrative judge will make disciplinary recommendations to Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly that could range from loss of vacation days or pay to firing if the officers are found guilty. The charges underscore concerns of officers who say intense pressure to produce annual crime reductions led some supervisors and precinct commanders to manipulate statistics. In an academic survey issued this year, more than 100 retired captains and higher-ranking officers said they were aware of “ethically inappropriate” changes to crime complaints in the major felony categories measured by the CompStat program.

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