Does Obama Comment Demonstrate A Neglect Of DEA?


President Obama insulted the Drug Enforcement Administration yesterday by mentioning the FBI instead of their agency in remarks about the war on drugs, reports AOL News. At a town hall meeting aired on MTV, the president told yung people that his administration is serious about “federal drug enforcement.” He said, “We have to figure out who is it we’re going after because we’ve got limited resources. So decisions that are made by the Justice Department or FBI about prosecuting drug kingpins versus somebody with some small amount, those decisions are made based on how can we best enforce the laws that are on the books.”

The DEA is the lead agency in the war on drugs. Said one DEA agent: “It shows me his inadequate knowledge of drug law enforcement. He has no clue.” Another agent said the comment reflects the Obama administration’s lack of concern about the DEA. The agent pointed out that Michele Leonhart has been leading the agency for years, but has yet to be confirmed as the No. 1 person, and many top positions have gone unfilled. Leonhart has served as acting head since 2007, and the president nominated her for the permanent post in February. William Coonce, a former DEA official, said, “Well, now I understand why Michele Leonhart hasn’t been confirmed. The president doesn’t know we exist.”

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