High Court To Review Woman’s Chemical-Weapons-Law Conviction


The Supreme Court today agreed to hear the argument of Pennsylvania lab technician who says the federal government overreached when they prosecuted her for trying to harm her romantic rival under a 1999 chemical-weapon law aimed at terrorists, reports Scotusblog.com. Carol Anne Bond, 37, is serving a six-year prison term after admitting she left deadly chemicals on the front door handle of her husband’s mistress’s home and in the tailpipe of the woman’s car, according to the Legal Intelligencer. The victim was not injured.

Her lawyer argued to a lower court that the law “was intended to deal with a rogue state, intended to deal with terrorists. It wasn’t intended to deal with a housewife” in a love triangle. Bond also challeged an enhanced sentence she received for using a special skill to commit the crime. Bond had stolen the potassium dichromate — which is potentially deadly if ingested — from her employer.

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