DEA Warns New York City To Watch For Cheese–Heroin, Tylenol PM Mix


Federal officials are warning New York police to be on the lookout for a cheap – and potentially deadly – heroin cocktail aimed at teens, reports the New York Daily News. Police were told to watch out for “cheese,” a mix of heroin and crushed Tylenol PM. Cheese sells for as little as $2 a hit and delivers a euphoric high followed by drowsiness. To keep the high, users need to snort it up to 15 times a day – along with a potentially lethal dosage of acetaminophen.

Cheese came on the radar in Dallas in 2005. It has not been seen much in New York, but heroin use among teens is on the rise in the city – and the federal Drug Enforcement Administration fears cheese could be the next step. “It’s the makings of a recipe for disaster,” said Joh Gilbride, head of DEA’s New York office. Heroin, associated with hardcore junkies and needles, has lost some of its stigma among teens who snort, rather than inject, the drug, Gilbride said. Dealers are stamping packets with kid-friendly brands such as Mickey Mouse, Lady Gaga, Looney Tunes and Lion King, the office of New York Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget Brennan said.

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