McCarthy Wins New Term In Newark With Minimum Support


Garry McCarthy was reconfirmed as Newark's police director by the minimum number of city council votes needed, cementing his role at the helm of the New Jersey’s largest police department, the Newark Star-Ledger reports. He faced heavy union opposition and a scathing American Civil Liberties Union petition alleging rampant police misconduct. Several city council members said the issues they have with the department could not be blamed solely on the director.

“The disease is in the police department itself,” Councilman Ronald Rice Jr. said. “What I've asked for [] is that we clean up that department no matter who is sitting in that chair. It is rotten from the core outside going in.” Thel vote to reconfirm McCarthy to a second term was 5-2, with one abstention. Five yes votes were needed for reappointment. Council President Donald Payne Jr. said he respected the community's outrage, but after extensive meetings with McCarthy decided to cast the crucial fifth vote that allowed him to be retained.

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