Disputed Survey Says Californians Oppose Pot Legalization


After weeks of riding a wave of positive poll results, supporters of California’s Proposition 19 to legalize marijuana were handed a head-scratcher on Tuesday when a Reuters/lpsos poll found 53 percent of California voters opposed to the measure, the Christian Science Monitor Reports. The same pollsters found voters nearly deadlocked on the issue in June. Also troubling for the “Yes on 19” side are media reports that it is out of money.

Opponents of marijuana legalization say the poll shows that Californians are turning against Prop. 19 as they learn more about it. Prop. 19 backers are painting the poll as an anomaly. “Either this poll is way off, or they are picking up something that no one else has so far,” says Ethan Nadelmann of the Drug Policy Alliance, a national organization that backs legalizing and regulating marijuana. He said three other recent polls found more support than opposition for Prop. 19 among California voters. Proponents of Prop. 19 point out that the questions in the Reuters/Ipsos poll use different descriptions than the wording in the initiative itself. The said the small sample size of the poll may also have accounted for why the results differ from several others.

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