Oregon To Vote On Medical Marijuana Dispensary Law


Buying medical marijuana could become as routine as picking up a prescription for antibiotics at your nearby pharmacy under a proposition being decided next month by Oregon voters, The Oregonian reports. One percent of Oregonians – nearly 40,000 – hold medical marijuana cards. Backers of the growing movement say patients need a safer, more reliable and regulated way to get medical marijuana besides growing it themselves.

Proponents say Measure 74 would bring accountability and dignity to the process of receiving and dispensing marijuana. Skeptics say it has too many loopholes, leaving room for abuse. Still others say it is a masked attempt to legalize marijuana rather than a genuine attempt to solve patient problems. John Sajo, director of Voter Power and co-author of the initiative, said thousands of patients who can’t grow their own marijuana stand in lines at organizations such as his to receive medical marijuana donated by other patients. But some seek the drug illegally, he said, encouraging a black market enterprise. California approved dispensaries but didn’t create a statewide system, depending on city and county government to build those laws. Some municipalities, such as San Francisco, Oakland, San Diego, and Sonoma County, created laws limiting on how much marijuana patients and dispensaries may grow.

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