Close Vote Expected On McCarthy Reappointment In Newark


A close vote is expected today in the Newark City Council on the reppointment of police director Garry McCarthy, says the Newark Star-Ledger. McCarthy has successfully led the department to reductions in homicides and shootings since 2006, but an ACLU petition accusing the department of rampant misconduct and civil rights abuses figures to dominate today's discussion. “The call for the federal monitor is going to weigh heavily on what transpires,” said Councilman Ras Baraka, a frequent critic of McCarthy. “The ACLU report was damning to the whole department.”

McCarthy said the petition is not an indictment of his tenure, adding that ACLU director Deborah Jacobs supports his reappointment. “I think that's a lot more relevant than anything else the ACLU is filing right now,” McCarthy said. Citing a multitude of civil lawsuits, criminal complaints, and internal affairs reports, the ACLU filed a 96-page document with the U.S. Department of Justice last month, calling for a federal monitor to oversee the department's activities. McCarthy has repeatedly said outside interference would only slow the reforms he has tried to implement since 2006. Council President Donald Payne says a recent spike in homicides, layoffs, demotions and department morale will also be key talking points. “It's going to be a close vote,” Payne said. “There have been issues with the treatment of officers and morale and especially now with the potential layoffs there's cause for great concern.”

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