California Study Disputes Immigration-Violent Crime Link


A new study from the University of California Berkeley Law School challenges the theory that immigration leads to violent crime, says Clutch magazine. The study said that during the nation’s most active years of immigration, serious crime declined. Between 1991and 2008, it is estimated that more than 3.6 million foreign?born persons migrated to California. During this same period, there was a dramatic decline in violent crime and serious property crime rates, at 55 percent and 29 percent, respectively.

“It is important to have policies that are driven by facts, not political speculations,” said Barry Krisberg, author of the study. “What we’re seeing is a new version of the super-predator myth, which affected African Americans before we turned toward immigrants.” Though the research is based in California, its findings are applicable to other state governments, particularly those that are now considering legislation that would replicate Arizona’s controversial immigration law.

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