Ecstasy Is Back, Coming Into Michigan By The Truckload


Fewer kids are afraid of ecstasy, and drug dealers know it, says the Detroit Free Press. That's what federal drug authorities, researchers, and prosecutors say they believe is driving a comeback of ecstasy, the once-popular party drug that's seeping back into Detroit by the truckloads. Federal agents say that in recent years, they've witnessed an uptick in ecstasy seizures involving not just more pills, but bigger dealers.

Ecstasy busts used to involve small-scale dealers peddling a few hundred pills in a baggie. Now, ecstasy is creeping in via well-organized trafficking networks, with some Canadian truckers getting nabbed at the border with tens of thousands of pills. What hasn't changed is that the drugs are once again ending up in the hands of teenagers. National statistics, published by both the University of Michigan and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, show that a higher percentage of teenagers are using ecstasy, overall ecstasy use is up among all people ages 12 and older, and that fewer young people fear that the drug is harmful. “Given the glamorous name and reputation of this drug, I could easily imagine it making a comeback,” University of Michigan senior researcher Lloyd Johnston said.

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