Boston Reeling From Four Killings, Including Mother And Infant


Boston's civic leaders and clergy faced a bank of cameras again yesterday to decry another unspeakable crime, pleading for help solving an attack so callous it left a two-year-old boy dying in his dead mother's arms, reports the Boston Globe. They tried to rally their city to fight back against a tide of wanton violence this year that has struck down 14-year-old youths and seen a pizza deliveryman lured to his death in an abandoned house.

The four killings early yesterday morning resonated across the city. The death of the toddler pushed the reaction beyond outrage, as elected officials and ministers struggled to make sense of such a depraved act of violence. “For someone to feel like they can shoot a [] child and the child's mother is just reprehensible to me. Absolutely reprehensible,'' said the Rev. Jeffrey Brown of the Boston TenPoint Coalition, a group of clergy working to break the “culture of violence'' that grips some neighborhoods. “People do not have a right to do this. This is not something we should allow in our communities any longer.'' District Attorney Daniel Conley pressed for help with the investigation, saying that “in light of these horrible facts, silence is not a moral option.''

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