IG Says Many FBI Agents Cheated On Surveillance Test


Justice Department Inspector General Glenn Fine found “significant abuses and cheating” in a test for FBI agents on bureau policies for conducting surveillance on Americans, reports Ticklethewire.com. The report said employees worked together or got answers to the open book exam in violation of FBI policy. The report said more than 200 finished the test in 20 minutes or less and many got high scores. FBI officials who developed the test said it takes at least 90 minutes. Agents have said the actually can easily take three to four hours.

“The FBI should take appropriate disciplinary action against those employees identified by the OIG who cheated or engaged in inappropriate conduct related to the [] exam,” the report said. FBI Director Robert Mueller III said that, “in cases where misconduct has been determined, personnel actions were taken, and that process continues. We will follow-up in each of the 22 cases the IG has found for disciplinary action, as appropriate, as well as any other allegations of misconduct.”

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