Photog Gives Bleak View Of Milwaukee’s ‘Endless’ Drug Battle


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel photojournalist Tom Lynn paints a bleak portrait of the city’s “hard neighborhoods” after spending time with the police narcotics squad. His work was packaged by the paper in a feature called, “The Endless Battle.” Lynn wrote, “The battle is waged on front porches and back stoops, fought by undercover cops and tactical units against a quiet, deadly plague that has long seeped through neighborhoods of the 5th police District on Milwaukee’s north side. Crack. Pot. Heroin. Drugs that alter moods. Drugs that kill neighborhoods. Drugs that run like a current through Milwaukee.”

“There is no way to stop drugs; all we can do is make it safe for others who want no part of it through proactive policing,” said Milwaukee police Officer Mark Harms, assigned to the gang squad at the 5th District. “If we leave these drug spots go, they are ticking time bombs.” The drug trade in the district is everywhere, on street corners, inside parked cars, behind closed doors of homes and on front porches. There are walk-up drug houses, where customers buy through a window. The cops call such places, “Crack Donalds.”

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