“1-8-7,” On Fictional Detroit Cops, Gets Mixed Reviews From Real Ones


“1-8-7,” a new TV show about fictional Detroit police homicide investigators, got mixed reviews from those who really solve murders in the city, reports the Detroit Free Press. Some Detroit police homicide investigators said scenarios in Tuesday’s episode were unrealistic, while others called the show entertaining and some were glad to see a show bringing national attention to Detroit. “I thought it was good,” said Sgt. Robert Lalone, adding that he likes to see the jobs and revenue coming into the city. “I hope they have 10 seasons.”

Some found certain scenarios in the show unlikely. There was the interrogation scene where Detective Louis Fitch, played by Michael Imperioli, sat mute and stared blankly at a suspect for a long period. The suspect eventually becomes freaked out and confesses to stealing Oxycontin at a drugstore that was the scene of a murder. “You’re not going to stare someone into a confession,” said Sgt. Matthew Gnatek. He also found it farfetched that Fitch — or any officer — would walk to the door of a home where an armed gunman was holding hostages and go inside after the gunman earlier had shot at him and his partner.

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