4 Of 5 City Council Members In Bell, CA Arrested On Corruption Charges


The arrests of most elected leaders in the Los Angeles suburb of Bell yesterday brought cheers and dancing in the streets in the small, working-class city, but added to the already deep uncertainty about its future, says the Los Angeles Times. With four of Bell’s five City Council members facing corruption charges, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is pushing for a court order to seize authority from them and turn day-to-day management over to an appointed receiver.

The state controller’s office said Bell collected $5.6 million in illegally imposed tax increases and business-license fees – and now must refund an amount equal to more than one-third of its $13.5-million general fund. Other cities have dealt in the past with public corruption scandals, but it’s rare for so many members of a single council to be charged at one time – and for alleged crimes that spanned so many years.

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