Virginia Woman Set For Execution Loses Bid For Clemency


Virginia Gov. Robert McDonnell will not spare the life of Teresa Lewis, who is set to become the first woman executed in the state in nearly a century, reports the Washington Post. Lewis, 41, who conspired with two men to carry out the 2002 murders of her husband and stepson, is scheduled to be killed by lethal injection Thursday. She has an appeal pending before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Lewis’s supporters argue that she does not deserve to die because she is borderline mentally retarded and was manipulated by a much smarter conspirator. They say it is unfair that Lewis was sentenced to death while the two men who fired the shots got life sentences. Prosecutors and police portray Lewis as the scheme’s mastermind, who plotted the killings of her husband, Julian Lewis, and his son, Charles “C.J.” Lewis, to collect insurance money. They say she gave her conspirators $1,200 to buy guns, set up an alibi for herself , and left the door to her trailer unlocked so the gunmen could slip in.

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