Prosecutor Who Sent Sexually Suggestive Messages Goes On Leave


Calumet County, Wi., District Attorney Kenneth Kratz said he would not resign, despite withering criticism from colleagues across the state over sexually suggestive text messages he sent to a crime victim last year, says the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Kratz’s refusal to resign infuriated district attorneys, state lawmakers, and victims’ rights advocates who had demanded that he step down. Kratz said he underwent therapy after sending the texts and plans to enroll in more therapy soon. The Associated Press reported today that Kratz went on indefinite medical leave.

“My behavior was inappropriate,” Kratz said at a news conference. “I’m embarrassed and ashamed for the choices that I made, and the fault was mine alone.” The firestorm began when it was revealed that Kratz, 50, had sent 30 texts over three days in October to Stephanie Van Groll, 26, while he was prosecuting her ex-boyfriend. Kratz told state officials the texts were not sexual in nature, even though he referred to Van Groll as a “young, hot nymph” and asked in another message if she “likes secret contact with an older married elected DA.” Michael Fox, a lawyer for Van Groll, said he doubts the sincerity of Kratz’s apology.

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