Nude Photos On Facebook Yield “Felony Computer Trespass” Case


A Washington state man was arrested for “felony computer trespess” after he allegedly hacked his ex-wife's Facebook account and posted nude pictures of her on the online social network, where her friends and relatives could see them, reports the Tacoma News Tribune. Donald Ray Childress, 45, was being held without bail Friday at the Thurston County Jail. He had been about to begin a four-month jail sentence for selling 50 OxyContin pills to an informant for $2,500.

Childress' ex-wife told Lacey police that since their divorce became final, Childress had “been hacking her computer and sending her threatening and harassing text messages.” Washington law makes it a class C felony when someone “without authorization, intentionally gains access to a computer system or electronic database of another and [] access is made with the intent to commit another crime.”

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