After Beating, Dallas May Put More Veteran Officers On Patrol


Dallas Police Chief David Brown may rotate more veteran officers on night and weekend shifts to increase the supervision of inexperienced officers who patrol the streets, says the Dallas Morning News. Separately, Brown fired five officers for unrelated disciplinary cases. The moves come a day after the department released a video that shows two officers – both with less than three years of experience – beating a man who fled from them on his motorcycle. Those officers and a third who allegedly tried to help them cover up the incident face criminal charges in a story that has become a nationwide embarrassment for the department.

“We’ll have experienced managers and upper-level managers in patrol during peak hours when our young officers are working,” Brown said. “I do not want to see officers on probation riding with very, very young officers just off probation.” The city has hired nearly 1,200 new officers in recent years. Recruits fresh out of the Dallas Police Academy are sent to patrol jobs, where they are trained and generally end up working late night and weekend shifts in their first few years. “We all need to kind of take ownership of what’s happening out there on evenings and late nights,” said Assistant Chief Vince Golbeck, commander of the Patrol Bureau.

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