“Busted”: New MN Magazine Features Hundreds Of Mug Shots


A new magazine, Busted, plasters hundreds of local arrestees’ mugs throughout its pages every week, says the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “I’ve had a couple of people who came in and grabbed the magazine and pointed themselves out,” said Madalena Ferreira, manager of the Bobby & Steve’s service station in Minneapolis, one of the places where Busted is sold. Other suspects are not too pleased with the exposure, said publisher and editor Ryan Chief. “I’d be lying if I said we hadn’t gotten threatening phone calls, but usually they’re not so much threatening as upset,” Chief said. “They don’t realize that the easiest way to stay out of there is to not get arrested.”

The suspects pictured in Busted have been arrested on all kinds of charges: fleeing a police officer, domestic assault by strangulation, kidnaping, even something called “lurk with intent.” All mug shots are public information, so getting them from the websites of police and sheriff’s departments is easy. The hard part, Chief said, is paring down all the possibilities for publication. “I wish we could publish a paper that’s big enough to run every picture. Sometimes we just randomly choose, but for the most part it’s felonies,” he said. “If you have a speeding ticket, you’re not going to be in Busted. But if you’re arrested with Type A drugs or you beat up your wife, you’re going to make it in there. The murders and the rapes, they’re all in there.”

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