Chicago Police Union Says Chief Depletes Local Manpower


The rancor between Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis and the union that represents rank-and-file officers continued to escalate on the eve of a protest planned for today outside police headquarters, says the Chicago Tribune. In a letter on the union’s Web site, Richard Aguilar, the union’s financial secretary, called for Weis to “take a cue from our Mayor. Resign.” Weis countered by calling the public sparring a “soap opera.”

“I’ve still got more work to (do),” Weis said. “And I’m certainly not to going to leave until I get that work done.” The Fraternal Order of Police called on officers and their families to march this morning to protest what they called Weis’ lack of leadership. Chief among their complaints is how manpower in Chicago’s 25 police districts has suffered from officers being detailed to other assignments. District resources shouldn’t be depleted at a time when the economy has forced hiring to a trickle, said FOP President Mark Donahue.

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