Indy Police To Get Breath Tests After Squad Car Crashes


Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard announced new alcohol policies last weekend aimed at restoring public trust in police, including mandatory breath tests after any crash involving a squad car, reports the Indianapolis Star. “This is a painful moment for our city and our Police Department,” Ballard said. The police department — already plagued by allegations of police misconduct — came under intense scrutiny last month when an officer suspected of driving his squad car while intoxicated struck and killed a motorcyclist and critically injured two others.

No breath test was performed on David Bisard, the officer who struck the three motorcyclists. He underwent a blood test two hours after the crash. Because the test was performed by a medical technician who lacked certification, drunken-driving charges were dropped — even though they showed Bisard’s blood-alcohol content was 0.19, more than twice the level at which Indiana drivers are considered intoxicated. Bisard had had five other on-duty accidents over the past eight years, all resulting in property damage. “We are adopting [] a zero-tolerance policy,” the mayor said. “For public safety to be job one, we must have the trust of the public.” From now on, any officer involved in a crash that causes injury or property damage will be required to undergo a breath test.

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