Budget Expert Gladyse Taylor Named IL Corrections Director


Gladyse Taylor, former deputy director of Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn’s budget office, is the state’s new acting corrections director, reports the Chicago Tribune. Taylor is replacing Michael Randle, who resigned. Randle had attracted political heat for a program that allowed 1,745 inmates to be let out an average of 36 days before the end of their sentence, including some who were released almost immediately upon arriving in prison. Some went on to commit more crimes.

Quinn stood by Randle even after he resigned, insisting Randle was not forced to leave and did a good job as corrections director. Quinn said Taylor, 55, has “an excellent financial background, and I think that’s very helpful. We have to make sure that we protect public safety, we have to make sure we keep our budget in line and so we have to work together on that.” Quinn’s challenger for governor, Republican Sen. Bill Brady, said Randle should have been fired months ago.

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