Milwaukee’s Ex-Cops May Get OK To Carry Concealed Guns


Hundreds of ex-cops in Milwaukee may soon be able to carry concealed weapons under a federal law that allows retired officers to be certified annually and carry their guns in any state, reports the city’s Journal Sentinel. The Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act was passed in 2004, and many other Wisconsin law enforcement agencies have been certifying their retirees to carry guns for years. Wisconsin and Illinois are the only two states that do not allow any form of concealed carry. The federal law for retired officers would override those bans.

But concerns over liability, administration costs and varying standards among agencies have delayed other departments from implementing the rule. Now Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn has asked the city’s Fire and Police Commission to approve the practice, and it is expected to do so Thursday. In a memo to the commission, Flynn said that other agencies in Wisconsin that allow retirees to carry guns “report no problems,” and that no liability issues had arisen among law enforcement agencies allowing it around the country. Under Flynn’s proposal, Milwaukee police would conduct background checks and firearm training, as well as supply documentation of the certification to the retirees, who would have to pay $100 a year for the privilege.

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