Most Killers of Young Women in Kansas Are Men, Statistics Show


After a series of highly publicized cases in Kansas in which young women have died violently at the hands of men, the Wichita Eagle says says statistics bear out the fact that young women in the state are far more likely than men to be murdered by a member of the opposite sex. From 1985 through 2006, Kansas recorded 63 homicides where the victims were females ages 12 to 21. The killers listed in those cases included 42 men and one woman. The gender of the killer was listed as unknown in 20 of the homicides.

By comparison, there were 157 male homicide victims in that age group during the same time period. Those cases included 120 where the suspect was a male, six where the suspect was a female and 31 where the gender of the killer wasn’t known. The 42 male suspects charged with killing young women ranged in age from 14 to 46. The average age was 25.

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