NY Whistleblowers: Obsession With Numbers Distorts Officer’s Job


At the same time New York Police Department whistleblower Adian Schoolcraft was secretly recording his supervisors in a Brooklyn precinct, an officer named Adil Polanco was doing the same thing in the Bronx, reports the Village Voice. Polanco, a native of the Dominican Republic, and and Schoolcraft, a native of Texas, come from different backgrounds, but they have a lot in common, particularly the belief that the police department’s obsession with numbers distorts a police officer’s job.

Polanco, who was also making recordings to document what he saw as wrongdoing in his precinct, asserts that supervisors constantly harangued cops to hit quotas for arrests, summonses, and stop-and-frisks, even when it meant harassing innocent civilians who were doing nothing wrong. He claims that supervisors ordered officers to downgrade crime complaints and refuse to take complaints from civilians in order to manipulate crime statistics. “It happened all the time,” he says. “The reason was CompStat. They know what they are going to be asked for in CompStat, and they have to have a lower number–but not too low.” Polanco recorded supervisors and police union delegates haranguing him to meet a quota of arrests and summonses. He claims he witnessed supervisors refusing to take reports, a practice known as “shitcanning.” He’s tired of the demands, particularly the pressure to stop and frisk innocent New Yorkers.

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