Some California Pot Purveyors Oppose Legalization Initiative


The Canna Care medical marijuana dispensary has a truck driving around Sacramento with a sign telling people to vote “no” on the state ballot initiative that would legalize pot for recreational use, says the Sacramento Bee. George Mull, a lawyer for Northern California pot shops, is fighting Proposition 19 on claims it threatens protections put in place for medical pot users with the 1996 passage of California’s medical marijuana law. A pot dispensary operator complains that the new pot measure simply isn’t needed. “They say they’re legalizing marijuana,” said Stephen Gasparas. “It’s already legal. All they’re doing is taxing it.”

California’s initiative to legalize marijuana use for adults over 21 and permit local governments to tax retail pot sales is backed – and bankrolled – by leaders in the state’s medical cannabis movement. Yet some of its more stubborn opposition comes from a vocal segment of the same community who worry their dispensary operations may be negatively affected. Proposition 19 supporters are puzzled over the opposition and argue the initiative will protect tens of thousands of Californians from arrest and generate a windfall in taxes.

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