New Orleans Paper Welcomes Police Reform Plan, Ban On Lying


That police officers who lie deserve to be fired should go without saying. That New Orleans Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas must list that principle as a new department policy shows how corroded the police force has been in the city, says the New Orleans Times-Picayune in an editorial. The old department rules allow officers who are untruthful a couple of times to get away with just reprimands. Under a zero-tolerance standard to go in effect next week, any police officer who lies on the job or who files a false police report can be fired immediately.

“If you lie, you die,” Superintendent Serpas said in announcing the new standard. “If you tell this Police Department a lie about anything, you will be terminated.” The new rule for disciplining rogue officers is part of a 65-point police reform plan the superintendent and Mayor Mitch Landrieu announced this week. The measures are a welcome strategy to try to turn around one of the worst and most brutal police departments in America, says the newspaper.

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