800 Houston-Area Murders Unsolved In Six Years


More than 800 murder cases in the Houston area over the last six years have yet to result in an arrest, says the Houston Chronicle. The cold-blooded killers who robbed a Galveston convenience store and killed a customer three years ago are still at large. So is the killer rapist who murdered a woman in 2007 in Crystal Beach. And another who savagely beat a 28-year-old man to death in South Houston last year. Even in cities where a majority of homicides are solved, the notion of even one killer on the loose takes a toll. “It is a terrible blow to the family,” said David Crump, professor of law at the University of Houston, who has talked with many homicide victims’ families. “They feel the rules they learned about the society are wrong and they become disoriented about how the world really works.”

Murder clearance rates in some of the Houston's smaller cities fall far short of national averages, as do those of 33 major law enforcement agencies across the state – all of which solve fewer than 60 percent of the murders in their communities, a Chronicle analysis of FBI crime data shows. While murder clearance rates in some cities lag behind the national average, about 70 percent of the slayings in Houston get solved. Houston is on par with most cities of its size.

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