Craigslist Refuses MA AG Demand To Shut Down Sex Ad Site


Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley has reversed course and now is demanding that Craigslist shut down the smutty sex ads predators troll to target and attack women, labeling the social networking site used by accused killer Philip Markoff, who committed suicide in jail this week, as flat-out “dangerous,” the Boston Herald reports. “Craigslist [] continues to facilitate everyday prostitution and even human trafficking of men, women and children,” Coakley told the Herald. “Craigslist makes a significant profit from these postings and has refused to monitor the advertisements posted in this section. In the interest of public safety, Craigslist should immediately take down the adult services section of their Web site.”

Last year, Coakley refused to join a bid by 39 other states to crack down on Craigslist, saying online operators are shielded by federal statute. Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster told the Herald he “absolutely” wants to do more to rein in the sex ads, and insisted Craiglist is complying with a 2008 agreement to remove explicit photos and open solicitations. He refused to shut down the site's “adult services” section that carries thinly veiled ads for sex. “To do so would be a giant step backward for everyone concerned,” Buckmaster said. “Not to mention the mayhem that would ensue from declassifying these ads back into our other categories, and off to other sites that could care less about best practices, or cooperating with law enforcement.”

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