“Good Landlord” Program Leads To Ex-Cons’ Evictions In Utah


Parolee Joseph Sambrano, 46, is a security guard in an Ogden, Ut., apartment building, but he is being evicted because of his criminal record under a “Good Landlord” program, which discounts business licenses for landlords who follow its rules, and having tenants on probation or parole is a violation, says the Salt Lake Tribune. Looking for a new place to live, he says, “I've talked to about 30 [landlords],” Sambrano said. “As soon as I tell them I'm a felon, they say, 'Can't do it.'?”

A shortage of halfway houses and treatment centers has collided with local housing laws. The result is probationers and parolees – whether they have been convicted of sex crimes, murder, theft, or drug offenses – find fewer places in Utah where they can live and congregate in the same neighborhoods or buildings despite rules prohibiting them from associating with one another. The housing shortage is acute in Ogden, which has a disproportionately high number of felons in part because it has one of only four halfway houses in Utah.

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