How Police Nabbed Michigan Serial Killing Suspect At Atlanta Airport


For three months, the police hunted him, a shadowy figure in a ball cap who drove through the night and attacked mostly weaker or older men, slashing with a knife or swinging a hammer, reports the Detroit Free Press. The cops formed a task force and still he prowled, claiming 18 victims in three states, mainly African Americans. Five of them died. Now here he was, the suspected Flint, Mi., serial killer, sitting in the Atlanta airport Wednesday night, minutes from stepping on a plane and escaping the country. His flight to Israel was to leave at 10:15.

At 9:30 p.m., Michigan State Police Trooper Investigator Paul Gonyeau picked up a phone and dialed the 404 area code. After weeks of chasing, the police finally had the tip they needed, and the suspect’s name. The Free Press traces how police tracked the man down and apprehended him just in time.


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