Illinois Panel Examines Problems From “Early” Prison Releases


Edjuan Payne came to Peoria in the spring after being released early from a southern Illinois correctional center, says the Peoria Journal Star. The Illinois Joint Investigatory Committee on Early Release held a hearing last night because of what Payne allegedly did May 13 to Orvette Davis. “Orvette Davis is a prime example of why the system didn’t work,” said Peoria police Capt. Mike Scally. “Mr. Edjuan Payne is currently incarcerated with a charge of murder [] “if he had not been released at the time Orvette was killed, she’d be here today to talk to us, but she’s not.”

Payne was not scheduled to be paroled until July 22. Ihe Illinois Prisoner Review Board released him. March 29. That marked the second time in six months Payne was released early from prison. On Oct. 1, he was discharged as part of Gov. Pat Quinn’s since-discontinued MGT Push program. In December, the governor appointed former Judge David Erickson of the Cook County Circuit Court to conduct a review of release practices; Erickson has not issued a report.

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