Utah Pulls Crime Stats Report After Faulty Data Identified


The Utah Department of Public Safety recently reported that violent crime, car thefts and juvenile arrests all dropped dramatically in 2009 from the previous year. The problem is, that may not be true, says the Salt Lake Tribune. The department has pulled its preliminary report on 2009 crime statistics after realizing it published incorrect data for the previous year's statistics, creating incorrect crime-trend comparisons.

A Salt Lake Tribune analysis of the report released by the Bureau of Criminal Identification revealed dozens of discrepancies between the numbers in the final 2008 Crime in Utah report and the numbers in the newly released 2009 preliminary report used to generate the trend analysis. “The 2009 data is correct, but some of the percentages and comparisons were off because of funky numbers from 2008,” said Alice Moffat, bureau chief for the Bureau of Criminal Identification. “We're reviewing it again and republishing it as soon as we have reviewed it several more times.”

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