MI Prosecutors Say Prison Release Policies Endanger Public


The Muskegon, Mich., Chronicle, asks whether cost-saving policies that have reduced the state’s prison population by 14 percent over the past three years have come with a price. The paper says, “Many criminal justice officials and corrections officers argue that those policies share another common thread: They endanger the public. And they note that the MDOC’s budget hasn’t shrunk despite the cost savings achieved from housing far fewer prisoners.”

The state corrections department is facing a barrage of criticism from many local law enforcement officials. “It appears to us that the department of corrections is putting dollars far above and beyond safety,” said Cass County Prosecutor Victor Fitz, who chairs the corrections committee of the Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan. “Instead of focusing on getting their chronic spending in line, they decided to have a wholesale release of prisoners.” “In the chase for the almighty dollar, I think a lot of sound policies have gone out the window,” said Chippewa County Prosecutor Brian Peppler, chairman of the state prosecutors association. “We’re not crying wolf. It’s real.”

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