Albany Paper Asks: Who’s Packing Handguns In NY Legislature?


The Albany Times Union used public databases to try to determine which state senators and assemblyman have handgun permits. It concludes that the list appears to “reflect New York’s diversity at least a little — with men and women, conservatives and liberals represented, albeit not in equal numbers.” The paper said it identified at least a dozen lawmakers with handgun licenses, although the list is likely incomplete.

The names came from the combined databases of a controversial website,, which got the information from the state police. Its 1.3 million names cover gun owners dating back to 1936. While a few of the names that turned up on the database appear to be those of lawmakers, the Times Union named only those that could be confirmed. The website made news this summer after its initial appearance brought an outcry from gun owner groups, who contend the list is a violation of owners’ privacy. Some legislators agree.

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