Understaffed MA Police Shift Troopers To Focus On Trouble Spots


After identifying seven crash- and crime-plagued zones in Massachusetts, state police have reshuffled dozens of officers to patrol those spots, reports the Boston Herald. In June, State Police Col. Marian J. McGovern switched 37 troopers from less busy troops in central and western Massachusetts to those with the highest crash and arrest numbers, part of her strategy to best deploy a dwindling roster of troopers amid budget woes and an inability to hire recruits. State Police are down 446 troopers, to 2,146 troopers, since 2006. There is no academy class nor has there been one since 2006.

“We looked at numbers of crashes, numbers of arrests and started putting our people there,” said McGovern, a 31-year state police veteran who took over in December and who told the Herald her No. 1 priority is highway safety. “It was the best, most sound management decision we made.”

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