Paper: NY Cop-On-Cop Shooting Report Based On Scant Evidence


The City Journal in New York questions the conclusions of the New York State Task Force on Police-on-Police Shootings, which said in its recent report that black police officers who wield a gun out of uniform face an elevated chance of getting fatally shot by their fellow officers because of those officers' racial bias. The report “will undoubtedly become a standard piece of anti-cop ideology and further fuel the hostility that makes police work in black neighborhoods so difficult,” the paper said.

The City Journal said the report’s conclusions were based upon scant evidence. It said, “The task force rejects the growing racial diversity of police forces nationwide as a possible explanation for the increasing proportion of minority officers among those killed in friendly-fire incidents, though without explaining its reasoning. The report never reveals what being shot while off duty (as opposed to being shot while working in plainclothes) has to do with police bias, though it places great emphasis on the off-duty status of the slain minority officers. It notes the possibility that minority officers are more likely to witness criminal activity in their home communities–and thus more likely to take police action when off duty–than white officers, but declares that the sample of off-duty officers killed since 1981 is too low to hazard any hypotheses on that score.”

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