Will Hornberger Lose Out At OJJDP Because White House Prefers Black?


Nancy Gannon Hornberger may lose out as an Obama administration nominee to head the Justice Department’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, says Youth Today, because the White House wants a minority person in the job. Hornberger, executive director of the Coalition for Juvenile Justice, is white.

Youth Today says Hornberger is a favorite candidate of juvenile justice advocates. Tracy Velázquez of the Justice Policy Institute said that advocates who once envisioned a bold and daring OJJDP under Obama now believe that the expectations should be different. “There is a realization of the Obama administration’s need to be seen not as too radical,” said Velázquez. “Given the range of possibilities they could live with, Nancy is a good choice.” Hornberger’s chief strength is the fact that she understands and communicates with state juvenile justice leaders better than perhaps anyone else.

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