Paper: WI Prison Whistleblower Subjected To Retaliation


An internal investigation found evidence that Wisconsin prison Warden Michael A. Dittmann used slurs against homosexuals, hurled fruit at subordinates and may have approved overtime pay for some staffers so others could go to cookouts, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. But instead of demoting Dittmann, department officials took action against Scot Galligan, the supervisory corrections officer who reported him. Galligan was reprimanded, suspended for five months and moved from the day shift at a prison near his home to the overnight shift at a facility 25 miles away. His offense: Recording conversations with Dittmann to use as proof.

What’s more, not only did Department of Corrections officials deem Galligan’s formal complaint against Dittmann baseless, they are going after Galligan for court costs and attorneys’ fees because he insists they retaliated against him and refuses to drop his appeal. Documents obtained by the Journal Sentinel show how some of the state’s top corrections officials turned on Galligan, a veteran supervisor who challenged the system, while apparently allowing a controversial warden to avoid serious discipline for potentially illegal actions.

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