IN Law Against Cell Use By Young Drivers Has Limited Impact


A year after Indiana banned young drivers from using cells phones while driving, only three citations have been written for violating the law, reports the Louisville Courier-Journal. A state police spokesman said no police agency has the manpower to specifically target young drivers. He said the ban is not seen as a “top-tier item” for enforcement. Indiana's law – like one that took affect in Kentucky on July 15 – bans cell phone use for drivers under 18. But to issue a citation – punishable by a fine up to $500 – police have to witness a young driver using a mobile device. After a stop, the officer must then establish when the driver received his or her license – before or after the law took effect.

That determines whether the law applies to the driver, although that issue will go away this year as all teen drivers receive their licenses under the new law. The state police spokesman called it “complicated.”

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